From Recovery Room to Surgical Intensive Care Unit

After spending 16 hours at the Recovery Room, Nanay was already transferred to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) of the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) at 11am today. I was at the hospital early this morning, and I was able to talk to her admitting doctor. According to him, Nanay might spend 1 to 3 days in the SICU, depending on how well she recovers.

Nanay and my brother Dennis

The Recovery Room of PHC is one big room where all patients who had undergone surgery are placed immediately after their operation. A nurse is assigned to each patient to strictly monitor the patient’s vital signs and to attend to the patient’s needs. When the patient goes to the SICU, however, he/she is given his/her own room equipped with a bathroom and a locker for personal belongings. The patient is more comfortable here, and there is enough space for the patient’s visitors, although they should enter the room one at a time only.

Hopefully, Nanay will be brought back to the Adult Pay Ward by weekend. I also hope that when we get there, they would give us a better-looking chair for the visitors. What they offered us last time was already tattered. I think investing in office furniture can improve PHC’s overall look. This also makes for a more comfortable hospital stay.

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