Lucky to Have Health Insurance

Health is wealth. That adage could not be truer when it comes to someone in the family being injured or sick as these situations entail money. When one is seriously ill and needs prolonged treatment, this could spell financial disaster to the family due to mounting medical bills.

If there’s one thing I’m really grateful for right now is that my little family has health insurance. That’s courtesy of my husband’s office. He doesn’t pay anything for his health insurance, but he pays low monthly premiums for my and my son’s. Our health insurance covers 80% of our medical needs (hospitalization, laboratory tests, medications, etc.). That allows us to seek medical attention in reputable hospitals, too, like Makati Medical Center.

Thanks to that health insurance I’m alive today. I used that health insurance when I had open-head surgery for the removal of my pituitary tumor in 2004. That same year, my husband had to undergo choledocholecystectomy, the removal of the gall bladder. That surgery would not have been possible also without his health insurance. My health insurance covered most of my hospital expenses, too, when I gave birth to my son in 2006.

If not for our health insurance, we would be up to our necks in debt. Now, I’m realizing more than ever how important health insurance is. It’s a real lifesaver! I wish my Nanay has life insurance, too, so part of the cost of her bypass surgery could be covered.

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2 Responses to Lucky to Have Health Insurance

  1. Jade says:

    Hi Tetcha,

    Ano health insurance company nyp? Mukhang ok ah it it covered all the operations you mentioned.

    Pauwi na kami Pinas for good and I am looking for a good company, hope you can help me.


  2. chubskulit says:

    Advance happy Mother's day! I've got something for you here, hope you like it.

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