Kumon Philippines’ Let Them Shine! (Empowering Your Children to Discover Their Full Potential)

I got an invite from Ogilvy to attend a parenting seminar at Cinema 1, SM Mall of Asia yesterday afternoon. This is the first of three free education and parenting seminars organized by Kumon Philippines for 2010. Kumon Philippines’ Education and Parenting Seminar Series (KPEPSS) aims to educate parents on how to raise responsible children. Now in its third year, KPEPSS focuses on the concept of self-learning. The event was hosted by Ms. Patty Laurel.

The seminar is divided into three modules, namely: (1) learning the basics, (2) sharing of experiences with parents, and (3) achievements of someone in a self-learning environment.

Module 1: The Basics
Speaker: Melissa Lopez Reyes, Applied Cognitive and Education Psychologist

The first module discusses the self-learning ability of a child and how it is developed when the child is exposed to a stimulating yet safe surrounding, e.g., the home. It also gives examples of how parents can foster independence in their kids and teach them to become responsible.

Module 2: The Reinforcement
Panelists: Ms. Olivia Angeles, Mr. Harlan Busto, and Dr. Melissa Lopez Reyes

The second module is a discussion between parents and a child development expert about how the concept of self-learning is reinforced when it is practiced consistently in different situations and at various settings.

Module 3: The Mastery
Speaker: Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Young Global Leader Awardee

The last module puts the concept of self-learning in a societal context. It is the “realization” part of the whole process of teaching the child independence during his early years. Bam Aquino discusses how the concept of self-learning coupled with his parents’ love and guidance has helped him discover his full potential and how this has made him an agent of change that he is today.

The next leg of KPEPSS will be held at SM City Pampanga on June 24, followed by SM Cebu on August 28. Interested attendees may register by visiting http://ph.kumonglobal.com. Admission is free.

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