Cooling Out at the Mall

Because it was too hot yesterday and because both mother and son are getting bored at home, I decided to end my work early so Justin and I could go to the mall to cool out a bit. Our first stop was Dairy Queen (DQ); Justin and I both love DQ’s Dilly Bar, so I bought two of these delicious soft-serve ice cream dipped in luscious chocolate-flavored coating.

Dilly Bar (photo source:

Then, I asked him if he likes a Shrek toy, the one he sees on TV. He said yes, and so off to McDonald’s we went. Shrek was not available, so we opted for the talking Puss in Boots instead.

Puss in Boots

I was hoping we could stay in the mall a bit longer, but my little boy needed to poop (What impeccable timing!) so we had to hurry back home. That put an abrupt end to our mother-and-son date. Oh well, we could do this again next time!

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