Bathing in Style

The young and innocent don’t have a care in the world. They don’t have to worry about anything because their whole world revolves around play. They can do whatever they want and can get away with almost anything.

The downside of being a kid, however, is your parents have authority over your life. They get to choose what food you’re going to eat, what clothes you’re going to wear, what TV shows you’re going to watch, etc.

As a mom, I have the privilege of dictating what my son will use for bathing. Talk about a MacGyver mom! My husband and I didn’t buy him a baby bath tub because we knew he would outgrow it in no time. We made do with whatever the adults at home are using for bathing or for washing clothes. We don’t think our son’s deprived, though, because he enjoys every minute of his bathing time whether he’s inside an improvised bathtub or not.

Inside our little red pail

In our laundry tub

No improvised bath tub here, just playing while bathing

Do you see what I mean?

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3 Responses to Bathing in Style

  1. nuts says:

    fabulous bath tub is not necessary at all to enjoy bathing or playing.. you're right, they will only outgrow those things in no time..

  2. Jac says:

    Justin is so adorable mommy Tetcha I love the fist pic so cute nakaka gigil sarap nyang i-hug =)
    btw I have an award for you

  3. nice A says:

    It's true babies outgrow their stuffs in no time. Our crib, 2 strollers and walker are now junked outside our place because our baby now refuses to use any of them.
    Your boy really looks enjoying the bath.
    Thanks for the visit, sis:)

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