A Worry-free Saturday

I’ve been rather busy lately with work (my full-time work) and more work (writing opportunities), and my crazy schedule often extends into the weekend. Yesterday, however, was quite different because for once, after a long while, I decided to just relax and spend a worry-free Saturday with my family. I didn’t really mind what time we’d be going home or what activities we would do for as long as we’re out of the house and having a fun time. Glorietta was our mall of choice this time. Here’s how our Saturday went.

Stopping for some BreadTalk

Checking out the kiddie playground at the Activity Center

Getting sleepy already?

Father and son at Timezone

Posing for another shot

Chowtime at Northpark

We went home tired but happy. Well, technically, only my son and his yaya went home. My husband and I chose to “go our separate ways” when we were at Robinsons Galleria; he went to watch a movie, while I did a little shopping before going to the supermarket.

My husband got home a few minutes ahead of me, and that was almost 9pm! As if what we did the whole afternoon wasn’t enough, I went down to the beauty salon downstairs for that much needed nail cleaning and hair coloring. I was hoping my son was already asleep by the time I was done, but lo and behold, he’s still awake waiting for me to give him his bath and lull him to sleep!

Overall, our Saturday was truly fun and relaxing! We should do this again!

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4 Responses to A Worry-free Saturday

  1. Heart of Rachel says:

    Glad you had a nice time with the family.

  2. Bambie ★ says:

    SUre you had a great time.. maganda na ang pamisan worry-free, just enjoy lang. Have a nice week ahead =)

  3. Enchie says:

    that's very nice mommy… relaxing taking a time off from the usual.

  4. Your family seems to enjoy making the round of malls here and you’re lucky to have such bonding moments while still having the time to enjoy and do your personal interests.

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