What Happened to My Page Rank?

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When I finished uploading my first blog post for today, I noticed when I scanned my left sidebar that my Google Page Rank went down to 2. Yesterday, my site still had PR 3, and it’s been that way for several months. I was actually looking forward to achieving a PR 4, but with the recent turn of events, this seems to be a far-off thing now.

I haven’t done anything unusual lately that may have spurred this unfortunate incident. I’ve even increased (correction, my husband even increased) my Entrecard drops from a mere 50 drops to 300 drops daily. Although I haven’t blog hopped much in the past weeks, I still make sure I visit as much blogs as I can given my very busy schedule. So, why, oh why, did my page rank drop, and how could I get my PR 3 back?

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10 Responses

  1. ive read somewhere that entrecard can really affect a site's pr. ive recently started using entrecard, not everyday though, and my PR went up.

    maybe you just need to combine your entrecard drop with more bloghopping 🙂

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  2. From what I understand page rank is a result of backlinks, so make more comments instead of just visiting. Each time you comment a link back to your page is included.

  3. Usually a drop of PR is caused by the low ranks of those sites linking back to you and/or you have paid links that are not pleasing to Google.
    Most oftentimes, the system of dropping and increasing of PR has not been understood even by most SEO experts, so no one really knows except Google folks themselves.

    What you can do—create quality content posts, use keywords that are usually searched in SE's, guest post in high -ranking sites, comment more…..that's pretty much about it that I can share.

  4. I recommend signing up for Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics if you have not already. It might be able to tell you if you are missing anyting vital. (it is free and easy to find – just do a search.) Blogger is not as SEO ready as WordPress, so I am a little bit at a loss to help on that since I use WordPress myself on my own personal site.

    There have been some change ups in the Page Rank alogrithms, so that could also be it. I would not worry about it. You might want to watch more on your Alexa rank.

    By the way, I work as a virtual assistant of The Healthy Moms ( http://www.thehealthymoms.net ), the site is fairly new and I thought I would drop by some mom and health related sites to spread the word.

  5. Hi dearie! Dropping by to leave some love on your blog.

    Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you get to PR3 or better yet PR4 soon. 🙂

    Lots of love,

  6. The EC's bouncerate is doing more harm than good to your blog especially if your visitor is doing the drop and run, when I stopped droppng EC to my other blog, it gained back the PR2 that was lost a year ago bec i was doing the 300 quota that time.

  7. Increase your backlinks by doing the following:

    Comment on more blogs, especially blogs with high pagerank, dofollow and commentluv.

    Drop Entrecard everyday on blogs which link to their top droppers. Also advertise on blogs which publish a list of their advertisers once a week.

    And don't worry too much, pagerank is just a number. 🙂

  8. That happened to me before, but with continuous linking, my main blog is back from PR3 after the update. Who knows, you'll be back to PR3 on the next update too.

  9. So hubby is helping you with ec drops? Cool! LOL.

    I can see you already got many good inputs here. I agree with them, PR related to backlinks, so make sure you have enough "quality" backlinks since you send out links on PP. One way link is better than reciprocal link.

    Check your exchange links, make sure they're all active blogs and still linking back to you from their homepage. And I assume you already submitted your sitemap on Webmaster.

    I'm not an expert on this, just sharing my thoughts. I lost PR to zero twice, but always able to get them back. So relax, it will comeback!

  10. Hello,
    Google algorithm is complex and, in part, unknown.
    From what I know from SEO, to gain PR you need: links from websites related to yours with good PR, quality content, regular updates, keyword rich posts & traffic.
    If you sell links or do paid reviews (and Google catches you) your website can be penalized with PR 0 or a Grey bar.
    If your blog´s url is "pensive thoughts" you need to write posts which include those words in the post, in the tittle and in labels (optimization) and gain links from other websites using those words as well (not your name as keyword).
    You can check my blog Night Clicks for posts I wrote about this topic.
    Hope this info helps. Good luck for the next update, which according to Google´s tradition will be in the last days of July. You have nearly three months to gain links.
    If you´d like to exchange links with my blogs, just let me know trough a comment or Entrecard.
    Regards, Mizé.

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