Three Nonfunctioning DVD Players and Counting!

Last Sunday, my husband bought a new DVD player. That’s because our NextBase portable DVD player that’s been with us for 3 years stopped functioning a few days before that. Our almost four-year-old son Justin was the one responsible for it. To date, that’s the third DVD player that Justin broke since he discovered his hands can work “wonders.”

Our poor Sansui and NextBase DVD players touched by Justin’s “magic” hands. The first DVD player that he wrecked was disposed of a long time ago.

To prolong the life of our new DVD player, we’re not letting Justin touch the remote. We keep telling him he can’t operate the new DVD player by hand, unlike the previous ones that he could manipulate on his own.

So, how long do you think will our new DVD player last?

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One Response to Three Nonfunctioning DVD Players and Counting!

  1. Renz says:

    whew! we're not on the "magical hands" stage yet 🙂 but we're not in a hurry!

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