Summer Class Officially Starts Today

Justin’s Daddy was finally persuaded (by me) to allow Justin to attend summer class in preparation for his becoming a Pre-Kindergartner this coming June. Today is the first day of summer classes at Justin’s school. He is attending Puddles & Giggles, a class specifically designed for 3 ½ and 4 ½ years old.

I was actually hoping that the mommy of one of Justin’s classmates in Nursery will give me the gift certificate for summer class that her daughter had won in a raffle during their graduation day last March 13. Her daughter won’t be going to summer class and will be studying in another school this coming school year anyway. But my wish wasn’t granted. I guess I didn’t pray hard enough. LOL! So we had to shell out Php6,800.00 for Justin’s summer class that will last for 5 weeks (April 5 to May 7).

How did Justin’s first day of summer class go? Because Justin has new teachers and new classmates (only four of Justin’s classmates in Nursery were there), he felt somewhat estranged. He cried a little, but he soon got over his initial fear. I hope he feels more comfortable with his new classroom and new classmates and friends tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Summer Class Officially Starts Today

  1. Chris says:

    quite expensive ha.. well, i bavent found a class for my kids yet 🙁 so i will have to improvise muna at home!

  2. nice A says:

    Certainly Justin will adjust pretty soon with his new friends. You reminded me of my kids who cried a lot when we had to transfer them to another school. It was really a tough struggle for them as they already got so attached with their friends. But that was their first separation experience with classmates and friends. We're always reminding them that life is like that so that they will be tougher with more painful separations. Even in their young age, they must understand that people come and go in our lives.
    Thanks for the comment, sis. You may wanna join the Marriage Monday meme I've joined. It's interesting and only once a month. It's such a good meeting place for Christian wives. Check out my latest post to see the host.

  3. Curious Mind says:

    san ung Puddles and Giggles, te? meron din ako nakita dito sa Pasig, Kapitolyo. Php6000 din ang readiness (summer class).

    home school nalang kame. lol


  4. Paula says:

    Kami rin having second thoughts about summer school but my son misses school na daw.

    Paula's Place
    WAHM sa Pinas

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