How My Annual MRI Went

I had my annual MRI of the brain done yesterday morning at Makati Medical Center. This time around, my son and his new yaya, Ate April, went with me. Because the whole procedure takes more than 1 hour, I had to find a way to keep my mind preoccupied with something else. Although I’ve been having MRI for the past 6 years, lying down with the MRI machine very close to my head still gives me the creeps. As a matter of fact, in all those years, not once did I attempt to open my eyes. I might be claustrophobic for all I know.

This time around, I concentrated on the different sounds that I heard while having my MRI done. It wasn’t the most relaxing thing on earth, but hey, what’s a girl to do? I tried sleeping, but I couldn’t. In no particular order, I listened to what sounded like a knocking on my skull, a drilling sound, the sound made when using a plunger into the toilet bowl, the sound of an electronic gun, the sound of a machine gun firing, and the sound of a sewing machine. I might have missed a few here since I’m writing from memory, and this gal’s memory is getting rusty. LOL!

I realized I got agitated when my mind goes blank. My mouth quivered several times, and so did my eyes, and my head moved a few times, too. Good thing, the radiology technician didn’t ask to redo the entire procedure since he still got a clear reading. I went into the MRI room at 9am and went out 15 minutes past 10am, totally relieved that my MRI for this year was over and done with. Because my latest prolactin test result 3 months ago was normal, I’m positive I’ll have a good MRI result, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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3 Responses to How My Annual MRI Went

  1. reanaclaire says:

    gosh.. i heard about MRIs..that we shouldnt move otherwise it has to be done and redone again.. and the noise.. sigh.. i guess this is what we got to go thru if we want to do a bodily checkup,right?

  2. chubskulit says:

    hope everything goes well ate tetcha,\.. i am due for mammogram this year too… added nA NGA pala to sanostalgic sowi if natagalan bago ko naiadd.

  3. Kristine says:

    Hi, just passing by, checking other mommy blogs around. I hope everything goes well with the result of your MRI, and that you'll survive your health ordeal. regards, and I'll be popping by again- Kristine of

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