Getting Better

I couldn’t help but notice that my son Justin hasn’t had colds or cough for almost two months now. That’s new. As far as I can remember, Justin always has colds or cough each month ever since he became a preschooler. Perhaps, that’s because he’s exposed to a lot of kids in school and to pollutants going to and from school.

I think the hot weather is agreeing with him. The last quarter of 2009, the cold months, was when he started having prolonged cough, which was just allergic cough, by the way. He was prescribed Montelukast and Seretide then until this month to help prevent recurrent cough and asthma.

Also, sometime in October or November last year when he had severe cough, his pediatrician noted that he was wheezing, which is indicative of asthma. That only happened once, so up to now I still refuse to accept that he has asthma, and I’m doing all I can to prevent him from suffering another attack.

I also believe that the Broncho-Vaxom that his pediatrician gave made him less susceptible to cough and colds. Justin had to take 1 capsule daily during 10 consecutive days for 3 months, preferably on an empty stomach. The content of the capsule may be poured into a drink if the child has difficulty swallowing it. In Justin’s case, I mixed the content of the capsule into his vitamins. Broncho-Vaxom comes in two forms: one for children and one for adults. The drug helps prevent respiratory tract infections.

I hope this streak (of not having cough and colds) continues. Nothing makes me happier as a mom than seeing my little boy happy, strong and healthy.

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3 Responses to Getting Better

  1. Chris says:

    now its my son who has an colds and cough every 2 weeks or so… for the past 2 month. i havent been giving him any consistent medication.. it goes away but then after 2 weeks or so, he gets it again 🙁

  2. kittykat says:

    uu nga napansin ko din..huhuhuhu..i often mistake you for her..realized kanina when I left a message in your shoutbox..I apologize..

  3. judys424 says:

    Nako, get well soon..:) So he can still enjoy summer vacation

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