Funny Kiddie Tale No. 20

The other day before Justin went to summer class, he asked me this question.

Justin: Mommy, what is a “bruha”?

Mommy: “Bruha” is the Tagalog word for “witch.” When Mommy is mad, she becomes a “bruha.”

Later that night when I was giving him a shower and I was getting short-tempered because of his delaying tactics, he looked at my face and asked.

Justin: Are you going to become a “bruha,” Mommy?

Mommy: (Laughing now). Yes, so you better hurry!

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6 Responses to Funny Kiddie Tale No. 20

  1. Mama Ko says:

    What a smart lil man. Kaya we have to be careful with what we teach kasi binabalik sa atin nga mga anak natin. Kaliit liit ang talino heheh.

  2. Kristine says:

    haha. so he remembered the word. one word at a time then he'll have collected a few useful vocabulary.
    have a good weekend.

  3. chubskulit says:

    hahahahaha, I used that word whenever my daughter refuses to comb her hair ate.. I always tell her that she looks like a bruha actually i call her bruhilda lol..

  4. anne says:

    hehehhe natawa naman ako dito, your kid is so smart.

  5. nice A says:

    I love you Justin for being so smart… Be careful, Mommy, hehehe!

  6. Haha this is funny….I was looking for some tagalog love quotes when I stumbled here. Its kinda weird but I tried to read the post and it’s really funny.

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