Coronary Angiogram for My Mom

Yesterday, we went to the Philippine Heart Center to seek the medical advice of a cardiologist/angiographer if Nanay (my mom) really needs to undergo coronary angiogram. We didn’t bring Nanay along because she didn’t know about this yet. According to the doctor, based on Nanay’s 2D echo result and the other diagnostic tests performed on her that my father presented, Nanay really needs to have this diagnostic procedure done.

According to the doctor, Nanay has coronary artery disease. This means that her heart arteries are blocked. Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart. Blocked coronary arteries may result to a heart attack. The coronary angiogram will show what percentage of Nanay’s heart arteries is blocked.

The doctor said 50% blockage can still be treated with medication, but not if it reaches 70%. When the condition is that bad, the patient needs to undergo angioplasty, the procedure to open narrowed or blocked heart arteries. That is something that our family can’t afford, and we’re all praying that her coronary angiogram will bear good results.

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2 Responses to Coronary Angiogram for My Mom

  1. Carmen Araneta says:

    Hi Tetcha, my Dad had an angiogram when he was 60 plus. He's 83 now. It really helps especially if your Nanay sticks to the diet.

  2. ♥Willa♥ says:

    I hope your mom will be cooperative and make a decision that is best for her.

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