This is the last week of Justin’s Nursery class. This school year officially ends on the students’ graduation day this coming Saturday, March 13, 2009. Quite frankly, we still haven’t decided yet where to send Justin this summer. He gets bored at home, so we have to find something for him to do while waiting for regular classes to start again in June.

Summer classes in Justin’s school will start on April 7, so we have more than three weeks to make up our minds if we will enrol him. My husband is also checking their office bulletin board from time to time for any company-sponsored summer activities for kids that Justin can participate in. My son is turning four in July, and we think it’s still too early to get him into sports, so that’s excluded from our options list.

What about you? Have you decided where you’re sending your children this summer? Can you suggest other fun summer activities that preschoolers like my son can join?

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2 Responses to Undecided

  1. Chris says:

    how about musically inclined programs? like kindermusic…

    i havent decided what to do with my kids too 🙁

  2. Yinnie the Pot says:

    we're thinking of enrolling lui in a swimming class. rest muna from school…

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