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When my husband finished his MBA a few years ago, I was encouraged to study again. I didn’t push on with my plan, however, because I wasn’t sure yet what graduate degree to take. I think I’m ready now to go back to school. The only problem is my hectic schedule.

It’s a good thing that there are learning institutions nowadays that offer online degree programs. Western Governors University is one of them. It’s an accredited online university that offers high-quality bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at affordable rates. Now, busy people like me can study from home or office at our own pace.

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2 Responses to Ready for Online Education

  1. Sandy says:

    I think it's unfortunate these programs are catching on. There's not much exchange between students. A big part of the educational experience is meeting new people, bouncing ideas off each other, having a good dialogue, and getting excited by the academic environment. Sitting in front of your computer by yourself, doing things you want on your own time provides none of that.

    I've also read how much worse cheating has become when writing papers with on line classrooms, with regard to plagiarism.

    I understand people being busy, but wouldn't an evening class or a Sat class be more worthwhile?

    Think about classroom discussions and participation, the Q & A between professor and student, which gives the professor the opportunity to see who's understanding the lesson and who isn't. I don't know, just doesn't seem like this is a step forward for education; but I do wish you well in your endeavors.

    Bridge and Beyond

  2. tanaris says:

    Online course development allows for a broad spectrum of content. Students can access the school’s library from their PC’s for research articles, ebook content and other material without worries that the material is already “checked out.” Pretty cool concept can also be found here – Online Education.

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