My Sister and I

Tetcha and Meann

She’s taller; I’m shorter. She joined beauty contests in school; I joined quiz bees and academic contests. She’s demonstrative in her love and concern for people; I’m reserved. She’s outgoing and fun to be with; I’m a bit shy and reclusive.

When we were still studying, she used to snatch my clothes from the closet without my permission. That’s because I won’t let her borrow them even if she asked. LOL! Now, she owns more clothes than I do, and ‘m always waiting for her hand-me-downs. Is that karma or what?

I always dreamed of singing on stage because I believe singing is my talent; she’s the one singing in church and living my dream. She’s happy with her relationship with the Lord; I’m still working on mine. For years, she keeps inviting me to her church; I always find a good alibi not to attend. Now, I’m running out of excuses because her church is very near our place.

What I’m saying here is we’re two different peas in a pod, my sister and I, and it’s not hard for people to notice that. We had issues between us, yes, but really petty ones, and we managed to resolve those. There were times she made me really mad, as in furiously mad, but she is quick to ask for forgiveness once she realizes it’s her fault, and she makes up for her misdeeds by being extraordinarily sweet that I’m left with no other recourse but to forgive her. It’s this particular trait that endears her to many.

So, would I change her for the world? Not in a million years.

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One Response to My Sister and I

  1. Chris says:

    great post about you and your sister… 🙂 most of the time, sisters have opposite personalities.. di ba? 🙂

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