I Love Awards!

I’m so grateful to Mys of Pieces of Me for the following lovely awards.

Now, for the 7 things about me:
1. I’m a neat freak.
2. I prefer rice over bread.
3. I graduated cum laude from UST.
4. I had an open-head surgery in 2004.
5. I love White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt.
6. English is my favorite subject in school.
7. I’ve been wearing prescription eyeglasses since high school.

Finally, I’m sharing these awards with the following awesome bloggers: MelCole, Mizhelle, Nuts, Kayce, and Anne.

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3 Responses to I Love Awards!

  1. nuts says:

    wow, you graduated as cum laude from UST. oh my, i would be the happiest to see my daughter with that award too..

    oh, so sweet of you to pass me these awards..

    have these too in my embrace life blog. I appreciate so much tagging me these. will post in my new blog, morethanjustasahm.com blog..

  2. By MelCole of PA says:

    Hi Tetcha! Wow so many awards! Thank you so much for picking me 🙂 I will post this asap!

  3. Marice says:

    wow you are so sweet sis! thanks for sharin these to me 🙂 ill soon grab it 🙂

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