Get off My Side of the Bed

All three of us (my husband, me, and our almost four-year-old son) are cramped in our tiny bed during bedtime. If you’re looking at the bed, our usual sleeping position is Mommy on the left, Justin in the middle, and Daddy on the right side of the bed. Because my husband surfs the Net after dinner and sometimes plays chess online, he’s the last one to sleep at night.

This leaves me occupying his side of the bed temporarily when Justin goes to sleep. That’s because there’s a wide gap between my husband’s side of the bed and our clothes closet that stands parallel to it. There has to be someone lying down on Justin’s right side so he won’t fall down from bed while sleeping, and that someone has to be me.

Knowing that I’ll be booted out of my place in the bed when hubby finally zonks out, I don’t really get to rest well at night because my sleep is always interrupted. Because of this, I’m almost always cranky in the morning. This also affects my work productivity.

This can’t go on forever, so I decided, decreed rather, that starting last weekend, I would be permanently staying on my husband’s side of the bed. This means no one’s going to rouse me from sleep at night and no one’s going to tell me to “get off my side of the bed.” Now, I’m sleeping a lot better.

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One Response to Get off My Side of the Bed

  1. shydub says:

    Huwag gisingin ang mahal na reyna hehehe. Good thing Justin don't wake you up early in the morning.

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