Funny Kiddie Tale No. 19

After Justin finished his second bottle of milk yesterday morning, he hurriedly went to the bathroom because he needed to pee. He asked me these questions afterwards.

Justin: Mommy, why does the milk I drink become my pee, and why does the food I eat become my poop?

I didn’t have a ready answer to his questions, so I just told him instead that “Those are very intelligent questions, baby!” I was laughing silently and pondering the answers to the same questions in case he asks them again.

What would you tell your kids if they ask you these questions?

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5 Responses to Funny Kiddie Tale No. 19

  1. shydub says:

    Safe answer tetcha hehehe. that reminds me of a teacher when the student ask question, the teacher would reply that would be your assignment hehehe.

    Smart justine very inquisitive.

  2. nice A says:

    Hahaha! Smart questions, indeed! Well, if my lil boy would ask me those questions maybe a year or two from now, I would try my best to answer the simplest possible way that he would understand. Like telling him that the nutrients in the milk make him grow but its wastes go to pee and poop so his body won't be poisoned. He asked those questions so he may be bright enough to understand this as well. Hmmm, clever boy you have!
    Thanks for stopping by, Tetch. You may wanna see my Reclining Buddha in my other blog.

  3. Jes says:

    whoa! what a question! actually my kid asking too much questions and kabili bilinan ng AMA ay sagutin ko .,…kaya yun…kelangan sagutin at syempre dpt kahit d gaanung tama ang sagot eh meyo me relevance ahahhah!! =))
    kung ako yan i explain ko sa knya tlga na nutrients lang ang needed ng body kaya lahat ng nutrients sa kinain at ininum ntin ay sinipsip ng katwan at ang natira ay lumabas dhil d n kelngan ng katawan! ahahhah!!! mapag iisip cguro lalu ang bata! ahahha lols. natwa tlga ko! ang kukulet ng mga kids ano?! inahihirapan ang sarili! hays. pero dnt wori mommy coz you have a smart kid! =P next time n me tanung answer mo ganito "wait i re seach ko muna" ahahhaha!!!! =)

  4. ♥Willa♥ says:

    Usually my usual reply to that kind of question is;
    "hmmm…you know what? I have no idea, maybe we can get some books about it and we can read it together, so we know". 😀

  5. Jac says:

    wow! Justin is a smart kid!!! Whew I'm glad that mommy Tetcha's answer is safe!!!Lol.. Sabi nga nila na mas mahirap sagutin yung question ng bata =)

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