Funny Kiddie Tale No. 18

The latest hit song of Sexbomb, the popular all-female dance group in the Philippines, is called “Bilog na Hugis Itlog.” This song gives instructions on how voters will fill out their ballots during the May 2010 automated national and local elections.

The song goes like this:

May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog
May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog
Ang kailangan sa bilog
ay simpleng-simple lang
Itiman, i-shade loob ng bilog
Hanapin ang bilog sa tapat ng pangalan
ng kandidatong napupusuan
Ang bilog, ang bilog
sa tapat ng pangalan
‘Yan ang dapat nating markahan

Upon hearing “May bilog, may bilog na hugis itlog” (Translation: “There’s a circle, there’s a circle, that is egg-shaped”), my son was quick to respond.

Justin: Mommy, they’re wrong.

Mommy: Why, baby?

Justin: Egg is not circle-shaped; it’s oblong.

How can I argue with someone who is telling the truth?

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