Crazy about Transformers

Nope, it’s not my son who’s drooling over the Transformers toys that McDonald’s is currently offering for free with their Happy Meals. It’s Mommy! My son only likes Bumblebee. He already had a Bumblebee toy from Jollibee before, but he couldn’t seem to get enough of this little fellow. So, off to the mall we went last Thursday to buy Happy Meals with Optimus Prime (which he called “Octimus Prine” then) and his all-time favorite Bumblebee.

Before they transform: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Ratchet

After they transform

Because I find the toys of good quality, I decided I’ll surprise my son with the rest of the gang. When Justin’s Tita Meann had breakfast yesterday at McDonald’s near Makati Med where the two of us were supposed to meet, I texted her to buy a Happy Meal and get Megatron. Come lunch time, we dropped by McDonald’s again to buy another Happy Meal, so we can get Ratchet, too. Now, all four characters are proudly displayed at home for Justin’s delight, or is it Mommy’s? LOL!

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  1. pehpot says:

    awww, my kids were done with transformers, now mas gusto na nila ang action figures 🙂

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