Third Parent-Teacher Conference

There are no classes in my son’s school today to give way to their third and final Parent-Teacher Conference for this school year. I was late for work because I have to talk to Justin’s teachers about his progress in school.

According to his teachers, Justin now enjoys being in school and mingling with his classmates and other kids. Justin is also not shy around people, and he is not picky when it comes to his friends; he talks to everybody. He has also become more confident speaking the English language. Further, he has mastered his ABCs and can read CVCs (consonant-vowel-consonant words, e.g., cat, dog, bug). His teachers said he’s good in Math, too, because he can count until 30. This is already old news because he learned to do this even before we enrolled him in Nursery class.

On the other hand, Justin’s teachers observed that he’s a bit malikot (wriggly), moving his hands and feet too often that he ends up unintentionally nudging or bumping his classmates when they’re sitting on the blue line inside their classroom. One of his teachers said that perhaps he’s just too happy and excited to be in school, and that’s how he acts out his feelings. He is also not too keen on sharing a toy that he likes, and if another toy catches his fancy, he wants to have it right away even if another kid is still playing with it. In short, my son has yet to learn the virtue of patience.

That’s how my meeting with my son’s teachers went. Now, back to work!

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  1. Cecile says:

    Tetcha, normal naman sa mga kids ang malikot at wiggly; si Jake nga eh 5 year old na, sige pa rin maglikot :-). Galing naman ni Jusin, makabilang na till 30 at good na rin sa abc's; great Mommy for teaching before he went to school.

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