Mr. Who? Mr. Fu!

It was my husband who pointed out that Mr. Fu lived in the same condo as we. Because I haven’t been listening to the radio or watching TV that much, I really had no idea who Mr. Fu is. The first time I listened to his radio program Hi Pangga at 91.5 Energy FM was when we were riding a taxi going to Makati Med for my son’s (or is it hubby’s?) checkup. That was how I also became familiar with his famous tagline: “Me ganon!”

We have met him in the hallway and have ridden in the same elevator with him quite a number of times already. That’s because we’re just a few condo units away from where he lives. I like the fact that he’s very warm and friendly. He would always smile at us whenever we see him. He would often converse with our son, too.

Just when we were about to get inside our unit after we attended the Bisolvon Supermoms Blog Event last Saturday, we saw Mr. Fu in the hallway. By this time, my son already knows his tagline, too.

Mommy: Justin, there’s Mr. Fu. What will you tell him?

Justin: (Shyly) Me ganon?

Mr. Fu: Hi! Ay, wait! I have something for you. (He went inside his unit to get something. When he went back, he had a Toblerone bar for Justin.)

Mommy: What will you say, baby?

Justin: Thank you.

Mommy: Mr. Fu, is it okay if I take a picture of you with my son?

Mr. Fu: Sure!

Because he’s so accommodating, I became an instant fan.

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9 Responses to Mr. Who? Mr. Fu!

  1. Chris says:

    that is cool 🙂

  2. Mga Epal says:

    At first we thought it was "Wr. WHo? Mr. F.U."

    Well, we then found out that it was Mr. "Meh ghanoon" Fu. Yup he does look like a happy person, and genuinely accommodating.

    He looks like Mel Tianco's son, Wency. We don't know if he does in person but on TV and on that pic, he really does.

  3. ♥Willa♥ says:

    hey,I love Mr. Fu! another famous line of his that I miss a lot is "Dahil Jan,Close na tayo!!!!!and "Me Gano'n?" LOL!

  4. By MelCole of PA says:

    Wow, that's a great experience. To be known from our idols is quite exciting. BTW, I got an award for you and hope you'll grab it here:

    God bless your family!

  5. Curious Mind says:

    ay, te! sya pala yung kinukwento mo. hehe. bait naman. ^^


  6. pehpot says:

    me ganon? bwahaha

    once ko lang sya narinig pero di na maalis un sa akin

    me ganon? at right now nadidinig ko pa ang boses nya waaaaah

    napaka cathcy ng boses nya hehe

  7. Mys says:

    I love celebrities who are warm to people who know them or don’t know them. Love the photo.

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  9. amor soriano says:

    favorite ko din yan hindi kase sya trying hard matatawa ka talaga sa kanya pag naghohost sya

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