Mommy Moments: Valentine’s Day

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We celebrated Valentine’s Day a day earlier, February 13, because that’s a Saturday, and Saturday is our official mall day.

It was our first time at Trinoma Mall, so we were all excited. Trinoma is very similar to Glorietta Mall, another mall built and operated by the Ayala Group of Companies, except that this mall resembles the shape of a triangle, hence the name “TriNoMa,” which means “Triangle North of Manila.”

Our son had a blast playing at the mall’s playground.

Enjoying the slide

Our little Spidey

After playing, we felt like cooling down with Dairy Queen treats.

Loving my Heart Dilly Bar

“I’m busy, Mom; talk to you later.”

Then, we had an early dinner at Abe Restaurant. “Abe” (ah-beh) is a Capampangan word for “friend,” “companion,” and “getting together.” It is also the restaurant dedicated to Larry Cruz’s father, the late artist-writer, gourmet and bon vivant Emilio Aguilar “Abe” Cruz.

Lamb Adobo with Popped Garlic, Php395.00

My Mother’s Rellenong Mais, Php196

Dalandan Shake and Four Seasons Shake, Php105.00 each

Because Justin didn’t want to eat, hubby and I ended up gobbling up everything we ordered. Hubby managed to take a snapshot of mother and son, though.

”Is this good enough, Mommy?”

Oh, by the way, Abe serves all-you-can-eat rice. That’s good news for huge rice eaters like me. LOL! After eating, we stayed a while longer to see more of Trinoma.


Racing with Daddy

We went home tired but happy. Thanks to hubby for that special Valentine’s date.

How about you? How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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9 Responses to Mommy Moments: Valentine’s Day

  1. Cecile says:

    glad you had fun on Valentine's day , tetcha :-); kami di lumabas, kumain lang sa bahay ng special meal I cooked myself, then hubby and son bought me cards, chocolates and flower 🙂

  2. ♥Willa♥ says:

    Sounds like a fun-filled Valentines Day for everyone.
    I was wondering what's up with the Ayala's and the triangle, they have a set of building in Makati called Ayala Triangle, it's a set of three sky scrapper in a shape of, ,then this well..triangle, then this Trinoma
    Maybe it's a Feng Shuei thingy or something.

  3. anne says:

    I bet ure kid had a blast hehhee mine is up and its here thanks

  4. judys424 says:

    Hello! Its good wala pang masyadong tao when you went out. I've only been there once because we have malls nearer to our residence. We don't go out on Valentines but if we do, its going to be similar to your day.. just eating out. 🙂

  5. momgen says:

    Wow saya ng celebration. Glad you ahve a good time with your family. happy mommy moments.

    Mine is here

  6. nuts says:

    Oh lotsa food here and look at your heart shaped dilly bar.. and your son, love it. i don't care mode siya, basta love niya ice cream. sarap pasyalan and it's been a year since our last visit to trinoma..

  7. Marice says:

    wow looks like you have lots of fun in Trinoma sissy! been there just one but i havent stroll the whole mall yet. maybe soon!

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine here

  8. Chris says:

    it seems like you had a really great day! 😀 happy mommy moments!

  9. Bambie dear ★ says:

    i guess its better to celebrate vday before or after the actual vday, lalo na if its falls on weekends.. looks like you all had fun esp your cutie boy =)

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