Mom Conversations: A Review

Umma’s Mom Conversations blog is a good online resource for moms as it provides helpful tips and valuable information on health and fitness, pregnancy, baby, and parenting.

I find her post “Techniques in Treating a Toddler’s Temper and Tantrum” very informative. I learned that kids throw tantrums when they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or when they’re simply craving attention. In my son’s case, he usually throws a fit when he’s tired. This usually happens when he didn’t have a good night’s sleep or when he wasn’t able to take his afternoon nap.

This article also offers good suggestions on how to handle kids’ temper tantrums. One thing I find useful is that parents should consider the demands of their kids. If what kids want are not harmful in any way, then parents could give in to their kids’ whims, but if they pose any danger, health or otherwise, then it’s best to keep off-limits things out of the reach and sight of our children.

The Truth about White Lies” is also a must-read. White lies are generally harmless. They are more a product of an over-active imagination than an intention to deliberately lie about something. Parents can talk to their kids to determine why their kids chose to tell a lie. Parents should also set good examples by not telling lies themselves. Last but not least, parents should be alarmed when they see a serious recurrent pattern of lying in their children because medical help might be needed in this case.

That much I’ve learned in less than one hour I’ve been at Mom Conversations. Imagine how much more information I’ll end up getting if I stayed a little bit longer. I should visit this site more often.

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