Memo ni Mommy: A Must-read for Moms

One of the best gifts I received on my last birthday was a tiny blue book called Memo ni Mommy: Mga Kaalamang Pampasigla ng Pamilya by Bessie A. Rios. The book, intended for parents and everyone else who works with kids, provides helpful tips on raising children. It has 45 memos all in all, which cover the following topics: training for life, enhancing family relationships, cultivating self-confidence, influencing behavior, harnessing social skills, school boosters, health and wellness, managing financial challenges, and responding to parenting challenges. The way the book was written, in English-Tagalog, sprinkled with a dash of humor here and there, makes it more interesting to read.

Mommy Bessie (Blesilda A. Rios, Ph.D.) is an advocate of appropriate parenting. She has a radio program, Memo ni Mommy, which has been broadcast over at DZAS for the past 14 years. She has a master’s degree in Family Life and Child Development (U.P. Diliman) and in Christian Leadership (Asian Theological Seminary) and a doctorate degree in Education Administration (U.P. Diliman). She also co-founded the Center for Early Childhood Care and Development and the Master’s Vineyard Academy. She is an engineer’s wife and a mom to her two sons: a lawyer and a computer programmer.

Note: This is not a paid post. I simply love this book, period!

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6 Responses to Memo ni Mommy: A Must-read for Moms

  1. Mys says:

    Wow! It's a cool book, is it available in National Bookstore or online for that matter?

  2. Dhemz says:

    oh my…I would love to get one….:) kaso naka uwi na kami dito…sayang, pumunta pa naman ako sa National Bookstore to buy some filipino educational stuff for Akesha…thanks for sharing mami dear!

    musta po pala ang valentine's day nyo?

  3. nuts says:

    i love books too.. and I'm glad that my daughters are books lovers too.

  4. Seiko says:

    Ganda naman ng gift mo especially for us moms…for sure maraming matutunan sa librong yan.God Bless!

  5. peachkins says:

    I have to get ahold of a copy of that book!

  6. Marge Guinto says:

    It’s really a nice book!

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