Can’t Get Enough of Seiko’s Diary

It’s a sin to pry into someone else’s private life and a crime to surreptitiously read someone else’s diary. There’s one diary, however, that is available for everyone to see. Seiko’s Diary recounts a woman’s experiences as a wife to her one true love and a mom to her five gorgeous girls and her musings on life. This is one blog that is truly written from the heart. You can laugh with her, cry with her, learn a lesson, and leave her blog yearning for more. That’s because you simply can’t get enough of Seiko’s Diary.

For instance, I never realized that samurais still exist in our generation because I see them only in movies or read about them in books and they seemed to have lived a long, long time ago. But lo and behold! There’s a living samurai in our midst, and it’s none other than Seiko’s husband Yasuyuki. Yasuyuki happens to be the last samurai from the Fukami family. Seiko’s post “Marrying a Samurai’s Not That Easy” tells the initial hardships she had to go through to get married to a samurai and be accepted by his family. I’m sure you’ll love this post. I do! In fact, this is not the first time I’ve read it. If I were you, I’ll head straight to her blog right now to read her heartwarming stories.

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3 Responses to Can’t Get Enough of Seiko’s Diary

  1. Seiko says:

    Mommy Tetcha thank you so much for doing this.I truly appreciate the effort in doing this.I love it.Maraming Salamat.

  2. Mama Ko says:

    Seiko's blog is the best for mom and wife like me. You will learn lots of things about parenthood from them. They raise their pretty kids really well and thats a good example of how great parent and mother she is.

  3. rj's mama says:

    I’ve read sis Seiko’s post about marrying a samurai a few years back and it was indeed a lovely story 🙂

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