Because One Post Is Not Enough

My son enjoyed the fun activities for kids at the Bisolvon Supermoms Blog Event, but I couldn’t share all of his pictures in my previous post, so I thought of writing another post now solely intended for my son’s happy moments at the event.

At the Art Area

Time for face painting

The finished product

At the Wii Station

Riding the bumper boat with his Dad

I hope there’ll be more blog events for moms and kids, and I hope we get invited again.

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2 Responses to Because One Post Is Not Enough

  1. Inya says:

    I wish to join in events like these but I don't have much time.

  2. ♥Willa♥ says:

    Mukha ngang enjoy na enjoy si Justine, bising busy sa pag co color. He even try the face painting huh!,good for him!

    Fortunately,none of my boys are scared of the dentist.Second time na ni Patrick bunutan ng ipin, yung una pa nga eh 3,hindi naman sya umiyak.:)

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