To Throw or Not to Throw

Since our last helper left us in December, the task of general housecleaning every weekend falls on my shoulders. It takes me hours just to dust every nook and cranny of our small condo unit, not to mention my son’s personal stuff. His toys are everywhere, some of which have no use for him anymore because he has outgrown them. So I decided last Sunday to rummage through my son’s toy box and get the toys that he doesn’t play with anymore so that other kids in my parents’ neighborhood could benefit from them. Everything was done with my son’s permission, of course.

Justin’s toys for disposal

The house felt so much lighter without those toys. I should have discarded them sooner. What about you? Have you done some de-cluttering lately?

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3 Responses to To Throw or Not to Throw

  1. teJan says:

    i'm sure, many kids will be happy to recieve those ketch. and its teaching your kid too to share! good day!

  2. Mommy Pehpot says:

    I did my cleaning a few months ago.. bid goodbye to some of their stuff toys and unused toys.. and yes it feels lighter! haha

  3. Ane says:

    I try to de-clutter at least once a week, however sometimes I’m only able to do it twice a month. 😛 I always go through my kids’ toys and always have something to give away, but somehow, their toy box is still full and there are still toys everywhere. 😛

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