New Year, No Helper: Part 2

Even before December 2009 came, our helper already informed me that she’d take her days off on December 25 and December 31. She didn’t even ask me if we would need her on those days for our own Christmas and New Year family celebrations. I yielded to her demand again.

When she took one of her scheduled day off in November, she crossed the line again by going beyond her allowable time. She left at 12noon on a Saturday, but came back the next day at around 5pm. Because I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when she came back, my husband was the one who reprimanded her. My husband even told our helper that she shouldn’t be the one choosing when her days off would be, clearly alluding to her December days off.

Our helper wasn’t her usual bubbly self when I got back from the supermarket that night. We already thought she would leave us after the dressing-down she got from my husband, but she did not.

On December 24, we were off again to my sister’s place in Laguna for our family Christmas get-together on the very same day that our helper was taking her day off. As expected, we had a difficult time carrying our things just like what happened to us on October 31. This is because our helper wasn’t available to help us on that day. Ergo, we were not able to bring home all the gifts that our son received on Christmas Day.

My husband was really pissed off this time. Our helper went home on December 26 with a very big luggage, enough to carry all of her things. I asked her, “Why do you have that? Are you going home already?” She said, “I got a bargain on this luggage in Baclaran. I only paid Php500.00 for this.” My husband, utterly dismayed, retorted, “You can go home now if you want. The next time you take your day off on the very same day that our family is also going somewhere, you better not come back.”

That was an ultimatum, not a threat. The next day, our helper resigned. She left after receiving her Christmas bonus, not to mention the other things I gave her: a pair of jeans, a silver necklace, a T-shirt (my Christmas gift for her), and assorted foods that I gave her to bring to her relatives as pasalubong on December 24.

Next time, I won’t be too kind to helpers again.

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2 Responses to New Year, No Helper: Part 2

  1. Michelle says:

    Sorry to hear about your tough time. Hopefully things will get better. I have to be honest though. I'm so jealous you have a helper. I want one. LOL! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

  2. awifescharmedlife says:

    the things we go thru when we have live-in helpers. when i used to live in the phils, we've had various not-good experiences when it comes to helpers..iba-iba lang ang story but it always end in disappointment and frustration.

    hope you find a new helper soon, one that will have genuine concern for your family.

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