Ever Heard of a Barking Cough?

Just when I thought Justin would be having an absence-free school week last week, he came down with non-stop cough on Thursday night and with an odd sound at that, which gave him difficulty breathing and sleeping and which caused him to vomit several times. I had to nebulize my son, per his pediatrician’s order. This allowed him a few hours’ sleep, but he woke up again at 4am the next day with the same nasty cough.

According to his doctor, the medical term for what Justin experienced is “croup.” Medline Plus says, “croup” is “breathing difficulty accompanied by a ‘barking’ cough. Croup, which is swelling around the vocal cords, is common in infants and children and can have a variety of causes.” Some of the causes include bacteria, allergies, and inhaled irritants. Acid reflux from the stomach can also trigger croup.

Justin’s doctor prescribed an antibiotic, a cough medicine, a nasal spray (because he also has colds), and nebulizer medications.

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4 Responses to Ever Heard of a Barking Cough?

  1. K says:

    aww.. i hope justin gets better soon. give him a hug from me mommy tetcha 🙂

  2. Nessa says:

    I'm sorry to hear about Justin's condition. Hope he's feeling much better. Prayers for him. Take care 🙂

  3. Seiko says:

    That's sad. I hope your son feels better soon :(.

    God Bless!

  4. onlinemommy says:

    Nagiging sakitin lately si Justin noh? Is it because of the weather?

    I hope he get well soon. Mahirap ang bata pag me sakit. At ang effect ng anti-biotic minsan pag madalas na hindi na rin maganda 🙁 Parang nanghihina lalo ang bata. I noticed this with my daughter. Parang once na mag administer ang doctor ng anti-biotic, magkakasakit ulit siya after a week or two. Kaya minsan natatakot ako pag nagrereseta ng antibiotic. Kung may ibang paraan, yun muna sinusubukan ko.

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