Eminent Eights

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Hazel of Delineating Des gave me this very cute Lucky Chinese Tag called Eminent Eights.

8 TV Shows We Like to Watch:
Justin has complete control over our TV, especially in the mornings, because his Daddy leaves early for work. During weekends, however, when his Daddy doesn’t have work, Justin and his Daddy will be constantly arguing on whose TV preferences will prevail. I don’t really get to watch TV that much because I always have more important things to do than just be a couch potato. These are the TV shows that Justin likes:
1. Barney
2. Thomas & Friends
3. Hi-5
4. Dora the Explorer
5. Go, Diego, Go!
6. Wonder Pets
7. Bob the Builder
8. Postman Pat

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. Jollibee
2. McDonald’s
3. Kenny Rogers Roasters
4. Goldilocks
5. Chef d’Angelo
6. Auntie Anne’s
7. Bigby’s
8. Amici

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Weekend trips to the mall
2. Trips abroad
3. Christmas
4. Payday
5. Approval of writing opportunities I did
6. Receiving good news from family and friends
7. Eating a hearty meal after a particularly tiring day
8. Getting a full body massage

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Woke up early to prepare my son for school
2. Cooked pork sinigang
3. Fetched my son from school
4. Snacked on Cinnabon raisin bread
5. Went to bed early
6. Woke up from a bad dream
7. Processed one of my tutors’ makeup shift request
8. Talked to my Dad, Justin’s lolo, about my dream

8 Things I Love about Winter:
We don’t have winter here in the Philippines, but if we do, here’s a list of what we think we would love about this season.
1. seeing snow
2. throwing snow balls at each other
3. taking pictures of each other with snow as our background
4. making Frosty, the Snowman
5. wearing warm clothes
6. snuggling under the covers
7. having rosy cheeks because of the extreme cold
8. enjoying the warmth of the fireplace

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Making sure my son is well-fed, clean, healthy and happy
2. Keeping our house clean
3. Getting things done fast
4. Doing good in my work
5. Blogging
6. Working on writing opportunities
7. Earning more
8. Nagging my husband (LOL!)

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. I love you, baby!
2. Really?
3. Later.
4. That’s too loud!
5. No!
6. Why?
7. Pack away your toys.
8. Kiss Mommy!

8 Things I Learnt from the Past:
1. I have to work really hard for the money.
2. I should consult a doctor whenever I feel something’s not right.
3. I need to save for the rainy day.
4. A good night’s sleep makes me less grouchy in the morning.
5. Eating too much rice is not really good for me, especially now that I’m not getting any younger.
6. I need to drink plenty of water for my own good.
7. I have to be a better mom to my son and a better wife to my husband.
8. I should love myself more.

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag:
1. Kaye
2. Pehpot
3. Niko
4. Shy
5. Cecile
6. Willa
7. Jacris
8. Seiko

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for tagging me Mommy Tetch.This will gonna be my first tag in year 2010.Gonna post it later for sure.
    I like your answer #3 in the 8 things youd learned from your past.That we should realy need to save for the rainy day.

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