How Much Do You Know about Kids?

Tang, the country’s leading powdered juice brand recently conducted a social experiment entitled “Do You Know Kids?” to see if Filipino kids nowadays are ready to be given more independence and if they can be trusted to make bigger decisions and more responsible, grown-up choices.

One hundred Filipino children between the ages of seven and nine years old were given Php500.00 each to spend on anything they want. A makeshift shopping paradise was created where kids can buy toys, foods, school supplies and have other options like a charity box where they can donate their money or save the money they received if they want to. More than 50% of the mothers interviewed expected their kids to spend their money on toys and food because they believe their children are too young to make responsible decisions.

The results were surprising. Ninety-nine out of 100 children saved most of their money, many of the kids gave to charity, half of them bought school supplies, and one child spent all of his money on food and toys, not for himself, though, but to give as gifts to his brothers and sisters. The parents were so proud of their kids. Isn’t it amazing to know that today’s Filipino kids aren’t what we perceive them to be?

Cyn Icasas, Kraft Beverage Category Marketing Manager, has this to say: “Tang believes that just like the refreshing results of this social experiment, today’s kids can surprise, amaze and delight us in many more ways than we can imagine. Whether it be in school, in their community or in their own families, kids can shine when we least expect them to—all they need is to be given a chance.”

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