Granite Kitchen Sink

One of the most important places in our homes is our kitchen. This is where we prepare the food that nourishes our family. The kitchen is also a breeding ground for bacteria. That is why it is important to keep it spic-and-span to protect our family’s health.

Now, I’m very particular when it comes to the cleanliness of our kitchen sink. After washing the dishes, I make sure no food debris remains in our kitchen sink to avoid clogging. I also see to it that our kitchen sink is stain-free. Sink stains are usually caused by rust and minerals in our food and water.

I had a bad experience with ceramic sinks before. The rust stains got so bad we eventually had to replace it. Then, I was thinking: how many times do we have to change our kitchen sinks in this lifetime, and how much more do we have to spend for those replacements? Aren’t there kitchen sinks that can withstand rust?

I found the answer I was looking for at MR Direct. They recently came up with an innovative Granite Kitchen Sink. Their TruGranite sink is made from environmentally friendly and stain-resistant materials. Silver ions are also added to kill 99% of bacteria on contact. This kitchen sink can also withstand heat up to 550 degrees, and it is also extremely scratch-resistant. All orders come with a lifetime warranty, too.

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