Funny Kiddie Tale No. 16

My 3-year-and-5-month-old son is now adept at using both our desktop and laptop in playing online games, watching his favorite YouTube videos, etc. He prefers using the laptop, though, because he says everything is so much faster there. That’s because our poor desktop is now 5 years old and running on very low memory.

At exactly 5pm from Mondays to Fridays, Justin takes over mommy’s place in front of our laptop. There are days, however, when he would insist that it’s his turn to use our laptop already when I wasn’t done with work yet, such as what happened last week when he woke up from his afternoon nap crying.

Justin: Mommy, I want to use the laptop.

Mommy: You can’t, baby, mommy’s still working.

This conversation went on for a few more minutes until I got fed up with his whining and decided to use our desktop to give way to my overly demanding son.

Mommy: Justin, that’s mommy and daddy’s laptop. It’s not yours.

Justin: You buy your own laptop, mommy!

I was flabbergasted.

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