Family Christmas Tree

To encourage family participation in their Christmas presentation on December 12, all the students at Justin’s school were asked to make their own family Christmas tree on a white cartolina that will be used to decorate their stage. Neither my husband nor I had the time nor the talent to do it, so we commissioned Justin’s Ate Ayie to do this project for him. I gave Ate Ayie money to buy all the materials that she will use while all three of us (Justin, his daddy and I) went to a kiddie birthday party last Saturday. When we came back, our family Christmas tree was all up and ready to go.

Good job, Ate Ayie!

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  1. Evan's Mom says:

    That's a nice tree, good job ate! Bet Justin was happy to see it. For this Christmas event Evan made a Christmas sock. Thankfully he did it at school, if not I might need to call his uncle for help too 🙂

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