College Christmas Reunion 2009

After 17 years, I finally had the chance to see my long lost college classmates (2A1 and 3C2 and 3B2 friends, too) in our Christmas reunion last Monday, December 21, at Burgoo (The Podium). We had a lot of catching up to do, so it was really a night of endless chit-chat. It was also an opportunity to take lots and lots of pictures.

Gayle, Wenchie, Jenette, Joanne, Doods, Au, Jon, Joel, Tet, Yin, Tetcha, Celine and Dennis

Diane, Jane, Jenette and Mike

Group shot, from left to right: Mike, Doods, Jane, Dennis, Joel, Tet, Jon, Wenchie, Bong, Gayle, Yin, Alexis, Diane, Celine, Tetcha, Au and Jenette

Mirror shot, from left to right: Nicole, Wenchie, Jane, Celine, Tetcha, Jenette, Dean, Tet, Yin and Gayle

Thanks, Wenchie, for organizing this event and Gayle, too, for assisting. I hope there’ll be another reunion next year with more attendees.

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One Response to College Christmas Reunion 2009

  1. Seiko says:

    That's Nice you get to hang out and catch up with your batch or classmates. It must've been so much fun remembering the old days. hehe

    Merry Christmas and God Bless you!

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