A New Bed for Christmas

My husband and I have been planning to renovate our bedroom for the longest time. What’s preventing us from getting a jump-start on this project is budget constraints. We have agreed, therefore, to do it one step at a time, starting with our most important bedroom accessory, our bed.

You see our double-sized bed has been with us for four years now. Our son wasn’t born yet when we bought it. Our bed has now gotten too small for the three of us, that is, there is now limited space to move around in our overcrowded bed. It’s about time we look for a replacement.

I’ve been browsing the Internet for three days in a row to find the ideal bed for us, and I’ve been overwhelmed with the wide array of choices available on the market. There are leather beds, wooden beds, metal beds, divan beds, upholstered beds, etc. I think I should let my husband decide. He’s going to pay for it anyway.

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