The Worst Is Over

The past two weeks have not been good for my son. Last October 31, we went to my sister’s place in Laguna. We met at Festival Mall where Justin had eaten Auntie Anne’s pretzel and dirty ice cream (inside the mall) in the afternoon and had refills after refills of gravy at Kenny Rogers’ Roasters come dinner time.

At the height of typhoon Ramil, November 1, Justin woke up at 3:30am and started throwing up. I hurriedly called up his doctor–never mind if it was the wee hours of the morning–and asked for help. She asked if we had Motilium syrup. Of course, we didn’t.

It was Justin’s first time to throw up six times (and that was in the morning only) in close succession. Good thing my husband is taking Motilium tablet. I had to dissolve half of that tablet in water and give it to my son. We also had to buy Losec in the morning that he’d take for one week.

Justin was okay by Monday morning (Nov. 2). In the afternoon, though, he started having loose bowel movement (LBM). I texted his doctor to ask for medication. He was fine the next day, but on Friday night (Nov. 6), he started passing out watery stool again. That got me really worried. On top of that, he also found it painful to pee.

We submitted urine and stool samples for laboratory testing last Sunday (Nov. 8). His urinalysis revealed he had UTI. It took two days of drinking an antibacterial suspension before he would be relieved of his discomfort. His LBM took longer to treat, and his doctor suspected he had amoeba. His routine stool test and stool culture and sensitivity test were both negative. Thank God!

Justin’s doctor said he might just have eaten something that upset his stomach. Because of that, his food absorption is affected, making his intestines unable to absorb even his milk. We had to find a lactose-free formula for him, which he did not drink at all. He did not drink milk for four days, which made him cranky and unable to sleep in the afternoons. This is the first time in five days that he drank Sustagen again, and he couldn’t be happier.

I really hope the worst is over.

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11 Responses to The Worst Is Over

  1. Chris says:

    i am so sorry to hear that Justine is sick… this is really the hardest for a mom, when the kid is sick…

    i wish he gets better soon.

  2. darly says:

    I know how you feel Mommy T, kami din, We're on day 4 now of diarrhea and fever, doctor diagnosed Thea of having amebiasis and is under medication for 7 days. So far, fever is down kaso tuloy tuloy pa rin ang loose bowel. wawa bebe kasi she lost weight na.

    kapag momi ka talaga, its so difficult to watch our kids go through this difficult time.

    I hope Justin gets better soon and will pray for his fast recovery.

  3. shydub says:

    Kawawa nman si Justin, my gosh too much food is really bad. Nasobrahan sa nakain siguro tapos halo halo na. Im glad he is doing well now. get well soon Justin. Paano pag aaral nya, absent siya last week?

  4. ♥Willa♥ says:

    oh my!!I can't imagine your predicament. I hope he's 100% ok now. Nevermind the discomfort of us,parents, when the kids got sick, it's their discomfort that we are so worried about.

  5. Cecile says:

    oh my goodness! i hope so that the worst is over; grabe noh! Ako pa yan naku dinala ko na sa emergency room sa sobrang panic ko…it must be something he ate in either Kenny Rogers.

  6. Lulu says:

    kawawa naman si justin… i hope it is over now!

  7. Jac says:

    Mommy I've been to that kind of situation and I feel it how scared you are..Grabe ang emotion natin pag kids natin ang may sakit.But thank God he's ok na and hindi amoeba. You know, sis one of the reason kaya hindi kami maka uwi sa PI because na trauma kami nung na hospitalize si Kei for 8 days dahil sa naka inum ng maruming tubig pareho sila ni Justine ng sitwasyon kaya na feel ko yung takot mo habang binabasa ko to..Thank God talaga at ok na si Justin.

  8. K says:

    awww.. i DO hope that justin gets better soon. give my kisses to him okay? 🙂

  9. Seiko says:

    Kawawa naman si Justin.Ang hirap pag ang anak na natin ang may sakit kahit anong klaseng illness.Sana nga magtuloy tuloy na nag recovery ni Justin.I'm sure na-miss nya talaga ang gatas na nakasanayan nya.

  10. Hailey's Beats and Bits says:

    hope he is better for good. i blogrolled you already.


    its good to know that your son is better.

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