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Perfect Southern California Getaway

Are you planning a vacation with your family now or in the near future? If your vacation destination happens to be California, you might want to give Santa Monica Beach Hotel a try. Bayside Hotel Santa Monica is your home … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: Chore Time

Parents should give their children tasks to do so they learn to become responsible. The results of a study conducted by the University of Minnesota showed that children who performed housework had better feelings of responsibility and self-worth years later. … Continue reading

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Looking for Stylish Ugg Boots?

Ugg boot is a type of Australian boot made with sheepskin. “Ugg” is short for “ugly, so “ugg boots” literally mean “ugly boots.” They are probably called this way because they were crudely made at first. Ugg boots are meant … Continue reading

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He Did It!

Today is only the third time that Justin wore briefs to school. The first time was unsuccessful. He peed in his pants the very minute I left his classroom. I told the teacher’s aide who assisted him that time to … Continue reading

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First Train Ride

Justin has been nagging us to take him on a real train ride through our very own Metro Rail Transit (MRT). Last November 14, when we went to see his Daddy’s doctor for a checkup, we yielded to his request. … Continue reading

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