Need to Monitor Your Employees?

I’ve been working long enough to see that not all employees are doing their best in their jobs. There are even some who are not really doing their jobs. This happens most especially when the supervisors are not around. The old adage “When the cat is away, the mice will play” holds true in most cases. As an employee who does her fair share of the work, I really get affected when there are people in the workplace who slack on their jobs. I think it’s unfair that management does not see who among their employees are working well and hard and who are just goofing off.

Monitoring productivity of all employees can help the higher-ups decide which workers they need to retain and which they can terminate based on work performance. ActivTrak is a productivity monitoring software that records time-wasting activities that employees do while at work, including non-work related emails and chat sessions. This alerts employers on each and every employee abuse that is happening in the workplace. Further, when employees are aware that their every move is being watched, they tend to be more productive.

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