Just about Ready

Justin’s school will have a Christmas presentation on December 12. Each class, from Nursery to Kindergarten, will have its own production number. Justin’s Nursery class will be performing “Frosty, the Snowman.” All parents were advised to have their kids’ costumes ready by December 1 for use during rehearsals, so I went to the mall last weekend to buy what my son needs.

I bought him a bonnet, a scarf, and winter gloves. They’re supposed to have mittens, but I can’t find a pair, so winter gloves will do. I didn’t need to buy him a jacket anymore; he’ll just use an old one sent to us by one of his godparents who lives abroad. He’ll also use an old pair of jeans and rubber shoes to complete his getup.

So, there, we’re ready. I just hope Justin doesn’t get sick on the day of their presentation because that will be his first time to perform on stage.

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  1. Ibyang says:

    hope the presentation went well!

    wishing you a happy tuesday 🙂

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