He Did It!

Today is only the third time that Justin wore briefs to school. The first time was unsuccessful. He peed in his pants the very minute I left his classroom. I told the teacher’s aide who assisted him that time to make him wear diaper for the remainder of his class. Yesterday, he peed in his shorts again, but when he changed into clean clothes, he began calling his teachers’ attention whenever he feels the urge to pee. That was definitely a lot better than last time. Today, however, is a totally different story because he went home with dry shorts and briefs, the very same pair that he had on when he went to school this morning. This means he’s already comfortable going to the bathroom in school whenever he needs to. Hurray!

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2 Responses to He Did It!

  1. spinninglovelydays says:

    Hi, Tetcha. My daughter is also 3 and so far, nothing feels quite as victorious as conquering the potty, lol. Have a good one! 🙂

  2. Hazel says:

    Tetcha, I share your happiness at your son's progress. Hurray for Justin!

    I got awards for you. Thanks for checking them out.

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