First Train Ride

Justin has been nagging us to take him on a real train ride through our very own Metro Rail Transit (MRT). Last November 14, when we went to see his Daddy’s doctor for a checkup, we yielded to his request. We went to Ayala Terminal, got MRT cards a.k.a train tickets, went down to the train station, and waited for the train to arrive. At first, Justin was daunted by the loud sound of the approaching train, but he soon got over his initial fear when we finally made it inside.

Because he is such a fan of Thomas the tank engine, he thought we were actually riding either Thomas or Gordon. He even asked me where the Fat Controller is. LOL! We opted for a round trip to give our son more time to experience being in a real train. He already rode twice last week, but he insists on riding again. He just can’t get enough of it.

Did your kids have a grand time on their first train ride, too?

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3 Responses to First Train Ride

  1. Chris says:

    i am looking forward to their first MRT ride soon! we havent had the chance yet..

  2. nancy says:

    whew! my daughters never tried it… ang saya siguro nyan 🙂

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    join na rin kayo para happy tayo lahat on Christmas 😀

  3. earthlingorgeous says:

    ahaha! my daughter was not so happy on he first MRT ride that we had to go down a station after! it's something to do with the noise and lots of people since she has autism she view the world so different. but now because I train her a lot specially for her first airplane ride ayun nasanay na sa MRT.

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