XanGo Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen, a tropical fruit known for its exquisite flavor, is naturally rich in xanthones. Xanthones are biologically active plant phenols, which are known to prevent various diseases. Because the fruit contains more than 40 xanthones, mangosteen is known for its healing properties. It can ward off fatigue, prevent pain and inflammation, cure allergies, slow down aging, and prevent cancer among others. However, mangosteen is not readily available everywhere, which makes it impossible for others to avail of the fruit’s health benefits.

XanGo realized this problem and came up with a brilliant idea of capturing all the goodness of the mangosteen fruit and turning it into a delectable mangosteen juice that everyone can now enjoy. Made from high-quality mangosteen, XanGo Juice has no artificial flavors and colors and has no added sweeteners. You can be assured that you’ll get all of the fruit’s nutrients with every bottle of XanGo Juice you consume. Place your order now and try this product for yourself.


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