Trick or Treat Me!

As a mom, I always worry about my son’s health. I hate seeing him sick; that’s why I make it a point to monitor the food that he eats. For instance, I don’t usually include junk foods and candies in my grocery list. Instead, I try to incorporate healthy snacks into his diet because I know for a fact that good nutrition equals good health.

This year will be my son’s first time to go trick-or-treating. We already bought him a skeleton costume for Halloween. I know this will be a fun time for him because he’ll be receiving lots of candies and junk food, things that I usually deprive him and the very same things that young kids, like my son, find delightful.

Now, this got me thinking. Is there something we parents can include in our trick-or-treating fodder that kids will love and will be good for their health, too? I found the answer to my question in Trick or Treat Me blog. This site offers valuable healthy living tips even during the Halloween season.

One of the healthy Halloween treats we can give our kids is chocolate milk in shelf stable Tetra Pak cartons from Hershey’s and Organic Valley. Chocolates are a guaranteed hit among kids, while milk provides them with calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth. What’s more, cartons are made from paper and are recyclable, so this product is also good for the environment.

Parents can join in the fun, too, by sending a Halloween tweet to family and friends. So go ahead, Twick or Tweet Me. You’ll be glad to know that for every trick or treat you send out (up to $30,000.00), Tetra Pak will give a $10 donation to World Wildlife Fund.


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