On the Brink of Retiring

No, not me, but our five-year-old desktop computer. You see, our PC has acquired a very bad habit of conking out every once in a while. Without any warning, the monitor screen will shrink to about one-fourth of its original size, making it impossible to view the entire screen.

This has been going on for weeks, and this has caused major delays in my work. We found a temporary solution, though. We tilt the computer monitor left to right until the screen goes back to its normal size. We’re not really sure what the problem is. Could there be loose parts inside?

We’re not too keen on buying a new PC yet for as long as the one we have is still working. I’m not sure, however, how long our outmoded PC will hold out.

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6 Responses to On the Brink of Retiring

  1. Enchie says:

    I hope it holds. We're in the same dilemma. I use our PC for blogging and surfing and its old na rin. Hoping for it to last a little bit more until we can save for a new desktop.

  2. kAyE says:

    ouch. that bites. i hope it's just a monitor problem. it's cheaper than to replace the whole set. sheesh.

  3. Joops says:

    We have the same problem with our PC too, he wants to retire with me lol..

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  4. Nessa says:

    My old monitor which was bought in 2001 decided to say goodbye. I've fixed it many times in the past. Finally it was time to let go and buy a new one… I am so broke right now!

  5. Dhemz says:

    nako sana dpa yan mag retire mami…pano nalang ang mga opps…hehehe..d bale pag ang monitor lang ang problem d masyadong mahal….yung CPU kasi ang mahal eh…am sure kaya nyon yan…..

    consider it nalang na Christmas present…hehehe…lapit na pala ang pasko….:)

    salamat po pla sa comment at dalaw ha…ingat!

  6. Jona says:

    hope it's not that bad =D

    thanks for your comment. i'm better now.

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