Nothing to Worry About

I received a text message yesterday that really brightened my day. It was the secretary of Justin’s pediatrician informing me that Justin’s chest x-ray result is negative. This means his lungs are clear, and he has no primary complex (tuberculosis for kids).

I’ve been getting worried because his cough won’t go away. He was diagnosed with upper respiratory tract infection last week of September and was given an antibiotic together with cough, cold, and anti-fever medicines. He’s still coughing after he’s done with his antibiotic and even after we’ve tried different cough remedies. Nothing seems to work.

Last Saturday, we went to Justin’s pediatrician again, and she confirmed what her reliever told me when we went to the same clinic two weeks ago. Justin’s breath sounds are clear; he has no phlegm and no wheezing. What Justin has is only allergic cough. Just to be sure, she said Justin needed to undergo chest x-ray, which turned out okay. Thank heavens!

Justin is now taking Montelukast. He was also given a different cough medicine that he’ll take for two weeks and new vitamins.

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2 Responses to Nothing to Worry About

  1. Chris says:

    montelukast din kami on and off.. hope justin gets better 😀 hirap talaga when kids have allergies..

  2. Seiko says:

    Get well soon Justin.

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