Not Quite Ready

Justin can now pee by himself in the toilet bowl, but our first attempt at making him wear briefs to school today was unsuccessful. When I was getting him ready for school this morning, I asked Justin if he wants to wear briefs when he goes to school. He said yes, and I was glad to do as told. I asked his teachers to assist him when he wants to use the bathroom and to ask him from time to time if he needs to pee.

I made my graceful exit afterwards and stayed awhile watching my son through their classroom window. I saw him playing with blocks (Their first 30 minutes in class, Mondays to Thursdays, is playtime). Then, he was talking to one of his teachers. Apparently, he forgot he wasn’t wearing diaper today. He peed in his briefs and pants.

I hurriedly went home to get him a new pair of shorts/pants. Good thing, his school is very near our place. When I came back, Justin was already back in his classroom wearing new briefs over his diaper. He wasn’t ashamed to be seen without his pants on because his usual getup at home is sleeveless shirt and diaper when he sleeps or sleeveless shirt and briefs when he’s awake.

I therefore conclude that Justin is not yet ready to wear briefs to school. We’ll try again next week. Wish us luck!

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3 Responses to Not Quite Ready

  1. Chris says:

    it will eventually be time … 😀

  2. Evan's Mom says:

    Hope he'll be ready next time… good luck 🙂

  3. Joops says:

    You're very fortunate. Our son doesn't even want to attempt to pee in the toilet. I have no idea how to get him focused. You have a very nice blog. BTW, I added you on my Underway! Shift Colors.

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