Mommy Moments: A Day at the Mall

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We are certified mall rats. Our week isn’t complete if we haven’t gone to the mall to dine, shop, or play. Justin always looks forward to the end of the school week, Friday, because he knows that the next day is mall day. I have already posted most of our trips to the mall in my previous Mommy Moments’ entries. I tried to look for pictures that I haven’t used yet in my previous posts, and I found these.

At Shangrila Mall when Justin was just 4 months old

5-month-old Justin at Tom’s World, Robinsons Galleria

At Glorietta Mall Activity Center

At Festival Mall riding a train

At Bigby’s (Megamall) with his Ate Ayie

Busy with the trains at At Toys R Us

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8 Responses to Mommy Moments: A Day at the Mall

  1. Evan's Mom says:

    Ah the Toys r us, they certainly know how to keep our kids busy 🙂

    Have a great weekend mommy, hope Justin will enjoy his mall day tomorrow.

  2. Dhemz says:

    oh my…dami palang mall moments si justin….thanks for sharing te….:)

    kakamiss yung mall natin sa pinas…unlike here ang fanget ng mall….hehehe…no one can beat our mall….:)

    salamat pala sa comment at dalaw te….salamat po!

  3. Enchie says:

    You've been to every mall na Mommy! I'm looking forward to go back mall hopping with my son soon. He also looks forward at the end of the week to go malling.

  4. ♥Willa♥ says:

    kaya naman pala he loves and enjoy going to the mall eh, he started it early. 🙂
    Hapy Friday!

  5. Lulu says:

    I love the pic taken at Bigby's

  6. darly says:

    a certified mall rat nga momi tetcha- parang you've been to all the malls na from north to south, hehe.

    happy mm and till next week.

  7. shydub says:

    Ang tabachingching pa ni Justin sa first and second pics nya, ngayon and laki na. ang bilis talaga ng [panahon. Soon, hihingi na yan ng pera pang date mommy tetcha hehehe, so beready with the cash bond diyan lol biro lng

  8. Seiko says:

    mall rat nga Mommy!Halos lahat na yata ng mall dyan sa atin napasyalan nyo na.I like the 3rd photo of Justin here soo cute talaga.

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